MIOSHA Inspection Data

MIOSHA inspection data is part of the Federal Integrated Management Information System (IMIS). The IMIS was designed as an information resource for in-house use by Federal OSHA staff and management, and by state agencies which carry out federally-approved OSHA programs. Access to this OSHA work product is provided for the use of members of the public who wish to track MIOSHA interventions at particular work sites or to perform statistical analyses of MIOSHA enforcement activity.

The source of the MIOSHA data in IMIS is the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor and Economic Growth. Information is entered as events occur in the course of agency activities. Until cases are closed, IMIS entries concerning specific inspections are subject to continual correction and updating, particularly with regard to citation items, which are subject to modification by amended citations, settlement agreements, or as a result of contest proceedings.

To access MIOSHA inspection data we are directing you to the Federal OSHA Statistics & Data web page. The IMIS may be queried by establishment name, standard industrial classification (SIC) code or activity number. The establishment search is the most commonly used query. Establishment search users should be aware that different companies may have similar names and close attention to the address may be necessary to avoid misinterpretation.

To access MIOSHA specific inspection data users must limit their query to the state of Michigan. First time users of OSHA's Statistics & Data page should review the Inspection Detail Definitions page and the note to users.