Michigan's AmeriCorps Member of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Member of the Month - May 2016: Regan Postma-Montano, Faith In Youth

Prior to joining the Faith in Youth Partnership AmeriCorps program, Regan Postma-Montaño was a Spanish professor in Idaho. Regan demonstrated a strong desire to blend her previous teaching and language skills with her desire to directly support families within the Spanish speaking community in the Holland area. She is now in her second term of service with the program and continues to make a positive impact on not only the people she serves in the community, but also her fellow AmeriCorps members.

The Faith in Youth (FIY) Partnership is a collaboration of eight faith-based, non-profit organizations in the Holland/Zeeland area, which has served at-risk, middle school youth for nine years with an array of youth development programs. The FIY Partnership's 10 AmeriCorps members provide mentoring for youth at six middle schools with the goal of having 60% of mentees demonstrating improved academic engagement.

Regan serves full-time at Step Up, a local after-school mentoring program for economically disadvantaged middle school students housed at Hope College. Regan is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the Step Up program, and is involved in all aspects of program planning, development, and oversight. She also provides direct mentoring to a small number of students through the program. Regan interacts with more than 40 students and mentors each on a weekly basis to ensure the program is providing high quality, academically-focused mentoring and that all program participants are fully supported and engaged.

In addition to overseeing the Step Up program, Regan serves on the Michigan’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps, which provides an opportunity for one AmeriCorps member from each program to serve as a liaison between their team and the Michigan Community Service Commission. LeaderCorps members also play an integral role in the planning and coordination of AmeriCorps Week and the Russ Mawby Signature Service Project.  Regan has also provided leadership to the Faith in Youth team by coordinating the team’s MLK Day service project and engaging outside organizations and schools to develop and lead community trainings focused on improving math supports for matches.

“Regan has regularly demonstrated a strong ability to creatively lead and engage a wide variety of people,” stated Faith In Youth program director Scott Baumgartner. “Her program and site have greatly benefited from her commitment to making Holland a better place for everyone to live and learn in.”

In her spare time Regan enjoys spending time with her husband and dog and taking part in a number of home-oriented crafting, particularly canning. When her AmeriCorps term ends, Regan looks forward to remaining engaged with her community through service.

For more information about the Faith In Youth Partnership AmeriCorps program, click here. For more information about AmeriCorps, visit www.americorps.gov