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SIGMA MiLogin users have various access points depending on the nature of their work and affiliation with the State of Michigan (SOM). Once you find your appropriate access point below, click the corresponding link and then enter your user ID and password if prompted to do so. A Help Desk is available should you run into any access issues: 1-977-932-6424.

SIGMA MiLogin Users

State Employees in SOM Active Directory

This is the majority of SIGMA users. When on the State Network and a State device, users will click the MiLogin Link and will not be prompted for a username and password.

Employees in other Active Directories

These are employees like those working for MEDC, Attorney General, or other state agency not in the SOM Active Directory. MiLogin will require a username and password for these users.

Local Entities or State Employees not in SOM directory

Local Entities, such as colleges and local units of government posting solicitations and state employees not yet added to the SOM directory should use this Third Party MiLogin link. MiLogin will require a username and password for these users.

Workers Accessing MiLogin via the Internet

Employee and manager functionality is accessible for SOM users via the internet. Multi-Factor Authentication will be required.