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Dawn of the New Millennium


Just before the beginning of the new millennium, many people were concerned about the potential impact on society if important computer systems had difficulty changing dates from 1999 to 2000. The Michigan National Guard was prepared in case the Y2K bug did its worst but did not see a need to mobilize any units like some other states did. January 1, 2000 was a day just like New Year's Day in previous years.


Michigan National Guard units continued to play a role in U.S. military activities. Our Air National Guard units are integrated into the U.S. Air Force Air Expeditionary Force rotations. As a result, units from Selfridge and Battle Creek Air National Guard Bases routinely find themselves working with their active duty counterparts throughout the world.


September 11, 2001


The world changed for the United States on this infamous date. Michigan Air National Guard F-16s took to the skies within hours of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon to fly combat air patrols over Michigan's cities. Since September 11th, Michigan National Guard members have provided security at the state's commercial airports and at the border crossings with Canada.


In addition to increased missions to support Homeland Defense, Michigan National Guard units continue to perform other missions. These include supporting peacekeeping operations in the Balkans as well as the war on terrorism in Southwest Asia.