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No Member Dies Alone

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Michigan Veterans Homes

No Member Dies Alone

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“When I retired from a very fulfilling 40-year career as an educator, I knew I needed to find something to do that had meaning and purpose. Joining the NMDA program has been one of the most powerful and life-changing experiences of my life. It is truly spiritual work. In some cases, these veterans don’t have friends or family present so to be there and tell them they are loved and there is nothing to fear is beyond words. The best gift we can give a dying member is our time, presence and love. This is work that needs doing and demands our best.” - Mike Micele, Vietnam veteran and NMDA volunteer

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No Member Dies Alone

No Member Dies Alone is a one-of-a-kind program in which volunteers provide comfort at the bedside when family and friends can’t be present. These acts of kindness such as holding a member’s hand, talking or listening, or reading or playing music, helps each member feel more comfortable and ensures that no one should have to face the challenge of death alone.

No Member Dies Alone Brochure
We are seeking volunteers to join the No Member Dies Alone program at each of our three homes located in Chesterfield Township, Grand Rapids and Marquette. If you are interested in volunteering, you can apply at one of our homes. In addition to the regular volunteer application process, anyone desiring to serve as a vigil volunteer will also have a special interview to determine fitness for the No Member Dies Alone team. Sensitivity and compassion are crucial and team members must feel reasonably comfortable interacting with those nearing death.

Michigan Veteran Homes provides all the training necessary including orientation sessions on member privacy regulations, bedside protocol, communication skills and self-care. Opportunities to follow experienced volunteers are offered as well.

If you are interested in volunteering, please direct all inquiries to the volunteer office at each home:


  • Michigan Veteran Homes at Chesterfield Township - Volunteer Coordinator Maxine Butler at or 586-256-9921. 

  • Michigan Veteran Homes at Grand Rapids - Volunteer Coordinator Becky Smit at or 517-281-8963. 

  • Michigan Veteran Homes D.J. Jacobetti - Volunteer and Donations Coordinator Sarah Johnson at or 906-226-3576 Ext: 2520396.