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Guarding Michigan's WWII Home Front


Organized in November 1940, the Michigan State Troops performed outstanding security service for the state during the absence of the Michigan National Guard throughout World War II. Performing what we now call "Homeland Defense," the Michigan State Troops, many of whom went on to serve in the U.S. military during the war or to join the National Guard after the war, provided exceptional service to the state and nation in the best traditions of the Michigan military establishment.


Then Secretary of War Robert F. Patterson summed it up best in his letter to the Governor on November 27, 1946:

"It is with a feeling of pride that I express thanks and appreciation to the State of Michigan for the valuable services rendered by the personnel of the Michigan State Troops during World War II.


"Since 16 December 1941, these troops have a record of outstanding performance in guarding bridges, tunnels, and installations so vital to the vast industrial areas of Michigan. By their alert and faithful service they have prevented possible sabotage and have insured law and order so that the production of essential materials and equipment continued without interruption.


"With approximately 400 members of the Michigan State Troops on active duty during the entire [World War II] emergency and another 6,000 troops available for instant call, the [U.S.] Army was able to withdraw practically all federal troops from the Michigan area and send them overseas."

The Michigan State Troops were largely deactivated and disbanded in the early part of 1947.