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John E. Schwarz, 1831-1838,1844-1855 The Adjutant General of Michigan

Delegate from Wayne County to the Second Convention of Assent, 1836; Representative from Wayne County, 1845; and Senator from the First District, 1847-8. Schwarz was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1799. He received a finished scientific education, part of which was military.

His first years in America were spent in Philadelphia. He came to Michigan in 1828, having business connections with John Jacob Astor in the northwestern fur trade, which took him to the distributing points for the trade, and familiarized him with the language and customs of the Indians.

He held the office of Adjutant General of Territorial Militia in 1831, and the same office under the State government, 1836-9, and 1844-55. In 1852 he purchased a considerable tract of land and platted what is now the village of Schwarzburg in Wayne County, where he built a family residence, which continued to be the home of the family until the death of Mrs. Schwarz, in 1879. During his later years, General Schwarz lived the life of a retired farmer until his death in February, 1858. He was buried in Detroit with marked civic and military honors. In politics he was a Democrat.