Statement from Gov. Rick Snyder regarding House Law and Justice Committee approval of sexual assault bill package

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gov. Snyder released the following statement today after the House Law and Justice Committee approved a package of bills to modernize Michigan’s laws regarding prosecution and reporting of sexual assault:

“I appreciate the diligent efforts of my legislative partners in listening to many different accounts from survivors of sexual assault and other experts in the field as these bills took shape.  Sexual assault is a horrific crime with terrible consequences, so it is important that we as policymakers very carefully consider how new laws can best help support those who have suffered, while also aiming to prevent further sexual assaults all across the state of Michigan. I feel that in this case, a wide range of input over the course of several months has helped shape the best possible solution that has garnered bipartisan support. I support this version of the bill package moving forward.”