Gov. Rick Snyder makes reappointments to the Committee on the Purchase of Goods and Services from Community Rehabilitation Organizations (Set-Aside Committee)

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder today announced the reappointments of Todd Culver of Haslett, Genevieve Hayes of Royal Oak, Karsten Bekemeier of East Lansing and Meelad (Butch) Ellis of Lansing to the Set-Aside Committee.

Housed within the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB), the committee was designed to oversee the purchase of goods and services from community rehabilitation organizations.

 “I thank these individuals for continuing to serve on this committee,” Snyder said. “I appreciate their passion for ensuring the success of community rehabilitation organizations and am confident they will continue to represent this committee well.”

Culver is CEO of MARO Employment and Training Association. He was previously a physical education specialist with Montessori Children’s House from 1999 to 2010. He is a board member on the Michigan Nonprofit Association, a council chair for the Central United Methodist Church and treasurer for the BOOM (Be Our Own Motivation) Committee. Culver holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree of arts from the University of Michigan and will continue to represent statewide nonprofits concerned with community rehabilitation organizations.

Hayes is the director of the policy and training division within DTMB. She previously served as the business development manager, the acting director of the services division and the acting director of the information technology division within DTMB. Hayes is a volunteer docent at the Cranbrook House of Gardens Auxiliary. She holds a bachelor’s degree in general studies from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in marketing and business law from Wayne State University. She will continue to represent the purchasing division of the department.  

Bekemeier is the policy manager of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Rehabilitation Services and previously served as a policy consultant for the Michigan Vocational Rehabilitation Program within DHHS. Bekemeier is a certified rehabilitation counselor as well as a licensed professional counselor. He currently is a board member of the National Rehabilitation Association, serving as chair from 2006-2010. Bekemeier holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Eastern Michigan University and a master’s degree and a doctorate in rehabilitation counseling education from Michigan State University. He will continue to represent Michigan Rehabilitation Services.  

Ellis is the founder and chairman of Lansing Sanitary, Inc./Indusco Supply Company, Inc. He serves on the International Sanitary Supply Association Board, the Greater Michigan Sanitary Supply Association Board and is a Lansing rotary.  Ellis completed a Distribution Certification Program in 1999, accredited through Western Michigan University. He will continue to represent members at large.  

Members will serve two-year terms expiring March 31, 2020. Todd Culver will continue to serve as chair at the pleasure of the Governor. Their appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.