Granholm Signs Legislation Giving Law Enforcement New Tool to Help Track Violent Offenders

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December 29, 2008

DNA samples required upon arrest for violent felonies

LANSING - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has signed legislation that amends the Michigan Penal Code and requires an individual to provide samples for DNA profiling upon arrest for a "violent felony."  

"Protecting citizens and keeping violent offenders off the streets is a top priority," said Granholm.  "This new law will give law enforcement a big advantage in their fight to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe by using technology to identify individuals who are violent offenders."

Under the new legislation, a person must provide DNA samples upon arrest for a violent felony.   The new law defines violent felony to include any of the following: felonious assault; first- or second-degree murder; manslaughter; kidnapping; first-, second-, third-, or fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct; assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct; robbery; and/or armed robbery.  Previously, a person was required to provide a DNA sample only if convicted of a felony, attempted felony, or certain misdemeanors. 

The DNA samples will help reduce unsolved crimes and increase public safety by indentifying dangerous individuals and allowing law enforcement officials to compare the DNA profiles of people arrested for violent felonies with state and national databases as well as evidence left at crime scenes.

Public Act 380 of 2008 (House Bill 4092) was sponsored by Aldo Vagnozzi (D-Farmington Hills).

The bill takes effect July 1, 2009.

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