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Snyder calls Michigan a 'launching pad' for global companies during Tokyo visit

Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Sara Wurfel, Governor's Office
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Kathy Fagan, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
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TOKYO - Gov. Rick Snyder today said Michigan is more business friendly than ever and eager to establish productive relationships with Japanese businesses in a keynote address at the 43rd annual meeting of the Japan Midwest U.S. Association.

"Michigan today is in many ways a very different place than we were a year ago, or even nine months ago when I was sworn in as governor," Snyder said. "We have been busy reinventing Michigan, breaking some bad habits of the past and embracing new opportunities for our future. We have come to open new doors for trade and business between our state and Japan. We see many great opportunities ahead for all of us to do more business together."

Among the reforms that will attract investment and energize Michigan's economy are:

 Repealing the jobs-killing Michigan Business Tax and ending double taxation on small business with a simple, fair, flat 6 percent corporate income tax;
 Adopting a two-year balanced budget that eliminates the state's $1.5 billion deficit and sets aside savings to help the state meet its long-term obligations; and
 Streamlining regulatory processes to weed out laws and regulations that are inefficient or needlessly burdensome, while maintaining proper safeguards. 

Snyder delivered his remarks at the opening session of the conference in Tokyo, attended by Midwestern U.S. governors and Japanese officials and business leaders.

Snyder also highlighted the significance of Michigan's presence in the global economy and encouraged foreign businesspeople to consider investing here.

"Michigan offers great opportunities to those who invest in our state," he said. "With more than 1,000 divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries of overseas-based companies, Michigan offers a launching pad for global companies in any business."

In addition to participating in the conference, Snyder will meet with the governors of two prefectures and attend a number of private business meetings with senior executives of leading Japanese companies.

Snyder arrived in Tokyo on Sunday with a delegation of state, university and local officials for an eight-day investment mission that will also take him and Michigan economic development leaders to China and Korea before his return on Saturday.

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