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Bill to bolster insurance fraud protection among legislation signed by Snyder

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder today signed legislation strengthening protections against insurance fraud.

Senate Bill 298, sponsored by state Sen. Virgil Smith, makes it illegal to work as or employ someone who appears at accident scenes and attempts to direct victims to particular doctors or attorneys. It also makes it illegal for these individuals to seek out people who will falsely claim they underwent a particular medical procedure as a result of an accident. Further, the bill alters the formula used by the Michigan Basic Property Insurance Association to set rates. Creating a better rating mechanism resolves a case now before the Michigan Supreme Court. The bill now is Public Act 39.

Other bills signed by the governor are:

S.B. 849, sponsored by state Sen. Joe Hune, redistricts Michigan Court of Appeals jurisdictions and reduces the number of judges to 24 to better match constituent needs. The bill now is P.A. 40.

H.B. 4578, sponsored by state Rep. Ken Goike, clarifies existing statute to define the responsibilities of local governments in providing an appropriate receiving space for all septage created within the governmental unit. The bill now is P.A. 41.

H.B. 4754, sponsored by state Rep. Frank Foster, allows the Michigan Department of Transportation to partition a rail line segment in Petoskey before selling or leasing it. The bill now is P.A. 42.

H.B. 4994, sponsored by state Rep. Eileen Kowall, repeals a duplicative requirement compelling businesses to annually report to the Department of Environmental Quality any waste dumped into a sewer system. The DEQ's development of data management efficiencies and monthly electronic reports from the business community eliminate the need for an annual wastewater report. The bill now is P.A. 43.

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