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Governor issues statement of support for wage fairness on 'Equal Pay Day'

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder issued the following statement in observance of "Equal Pay Day," which raises public awareness of the wage gap between men and women:

"Equal pay for women is a must if we are to achieve true equality between the sexes. I have always been committed to the principle of equal pay and to eliminating any gender bias in pay systems.

"Pay equity will drive Michigan's prosperity as well. It makes good business sense to have fair, equal and transparent reward systems. All employees must have confidence in a pay system that treats them fairly. Women are full partners in Michigan's reinvention. They deserve to be treated as such.

"I call upon every Michigan resident to recognize the full value of women's skills and their significant contributions to the labor force. Let's end the current disparity so that women can earn equal pay for equal work."