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Snyder acts to protect consumers by filing motion on potential abandonment of vital pipeline

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A motion was filed today with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) by Gov. Rick Snyder, opposing the proposed abandonment of a pipeline that currently supplies approximately one-third of Michigan's natural gas.
Trunkline Gas Co. has asked FERC for permission to abandon the pipeline that runs from the Gulf of Mexico to White Pigeon, Mich. The Michigan Public Service Commission and Consumers Energy also filed motions opposing the proposal.

"This infrastructure is fundamental to energy supply and reliability in Michigan, and is vital to heating our state's homes and businesses at affordable prices," said Snyder. "Our state, and the nation, needs more natural gas infrastructure, not less, and we must have a comprehensive energy policy that supports excellent reliability and adaptability at a competitive rate, while protecting the environment."

Snyder said pipeline abandonment would not advance any of those goals and instead negatively impact our economic recovery, lessen reliability, and more than likely drive up prices significantly, which could be especially detrimental to Michigan's most vulnerable citizens.
Snyder also noted Michigan is a key player in the nation's natural gas infrastructure, since it has more natural gas storage than any other state. 

"Anything that reduces the ability to move natural gas in and out of Michigan could easily impact the ability of the country to economically use its best and most important storage resource," Snyder said.

The FERC docket number is CP12-491-000.