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Snyder comments on passage of education budget

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder issued the following statement today after the state Senate finalized the $15.1 billion Fiscal Year ‘14 education omnibus budget:


"Michigan is in a stronger financial position today than it has been in a decade. Part of that comeback is because of smart, timely and forward-thinking budgeting. The education of Michigan's youth is a top priority, and I appreciate the Legislature's diligent work to complete this budget. We continue to invest in future generations with increases for early childhood education, K-12 schools and public universities.


"We have made a significant $65 million increase in funding for the Great Start Readiness Program, which will allow 16,000 more students to enroll in the program next year. With an overall per pupil funding increase and by helping school districts with retirement costs, we are ensuring more dollars find their way to the classroom. Higher education will also receive sizeable funding increases.  


"In our first year, no one thought we could get the budget completed as soon as we did. Last year, no one was surprised when we did it again. The expectation is now set, and I look forward to receiving the remaining omnibus budget bill very soon. It is this type of relentless, positive action that makes Michigan the comeback state in the nation. I thank our partners in the Legislature as we continue to reinvent Michigan."