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Snyder signs bills to eliminate regulatory hurdles that burden homeowners

Governor also signs five other bills

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder today signed three bills that help homeowners by eliminating the need for a permit to install advanced home monitoring systems, such as temperature control, fire and intruder alarm systems.

"These are good bills that continue our efforts to reinvent Michigan's regulatory process and will help residents simplify their lives, improve their homes and conserve energy as new technologies emerge," Snyder said.

House Bills 4591 and 4737, sponsored by state Rep. Aric Nesbitt, exempt a homeowner from being required to obtain a permit when a licensed electrician installs equipment, like a dimmer switch, for these advanced home monitoring systems. They are now Public Acts 69 and 70 of 2013.

HB 4592, sponsored by state Rep. Brad Jacobsen, eliminates the licensing requirement for technicians installing thermostats, which are simple low-voltage devices, for advanced home monitoring systems.   Current law requires the thermostat installer to have, or be supervised by someone with an HVAC license. It is now PA 71.

Snyder also signed five other bills:

HBs 4665, sponsored by state Rep. Eileen Kowall, extends the sunset on the 12 cents per-cubic-yard Solid Waste Surcharge Fee, also known as the tipping fee for dumping in landfills, from Sept.30, 2013, to Sept. 30, 2015. It is PA 72.

HBs 4666 and 4708, also sponsored by Kowall, extend temporary increases authorized for various permit fees mandated by the state environmental protection law until Sept. 30, 2014. They are PAs 73 and 74.

HB 4669, sponsored by state Rep. Jon Bumstead, increases the annual off-road-vehicle license tax from $16.25 to $26.25 for a license that does not authorize operation on state off road vehicle trails, and increases to $36.25 for a license that does authorize ORV trail access. It is PA 75.

Senate Bill 256, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Kowall, replaces the Michigan Supply Chain Management Development Commission with the Commission for Logistics and Supply Chain Collaboration, revises the membership of the commission and modifies its responsibilities. The new commission will be housed within the Michigan Strategic Fund agency. It is now PA 76.

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