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What people are saying about Gov. Snyder's State of the State Address

Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 

LANSING, Mich. – Following Governor Snyder’s fourth State of the State address, several prominent voices offered statements of support. These statements include:

“The Michigan Office for New Americans will help ensure that all of Michigan benefits from the strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit that motivates so many immigrant families and makes them such a vital part of our state.” – Dr. Jamie Hsu, Chair, Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

“We applaud the Governor’s effort to make Michigan even more welcoming to immigrants. Attracting immigrants with advanced academic degrees or entrepreneurial aspirations will help the state attract investment and create jobs.” – Doug Rothwell, President and CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan

"Michigan is fortunate to have Gov. Snyder's pro-immigration leadership. All our businesses, institutions and our very culture benefit from opening our doors and extending our friendly welcome to immigrants. The governor's proposed Office of New Americans is a forward-thinking approach to attracting new residents, friends and neighbors, and offering them a helping hand as they work toward achieving citizenship." — Wayne H. Wood, President, Michigan Farm Bureau.

“Governor Snyder not only proved himself as a leading national voice among Republicans for sensible, sound, and economically-focused immigration policy, but he has ranked himself high among all of the nation’s governors and elected officials at understanding how powerful immigration can be for our economy and how much all Michiganders will benefit from being the nation’s most welcoming state." - Steve Tobocman, Director of Global Detroit and former State Rep. and former Democratic House Majority Floor Leader

“Snyder is also right to focus on early childhood education, saying he will ask for another $65 million for the Great Start early childhood education program. Pre-K is a success story for Michigan. Thanks to a $65-million boost to the program last year (about half of what education advocates said was necessary) and a $51-million federal grant, Michigan’s pre-K system is now admirably funded. The new funding, Snyder says, would ensure a spot for all the low-income kids currently on the state’s pre-K waiting list.” – Detroit Free Press Editorial Board

“AARP Michigan is pleased about the governor’s proposal to clear the backlog for Meals on Wheels and other in-home services for older adults. Hunger is a growing problem among seniors and anything that can be done to address this most basic human need is a positive step.” - AARP Michigan President Thomas Kimble

“Governor Snyder continues to lead Michigan on the path of revitalization, and I am confident this year will be even better than the last. I look forward to working together with his administration to strengthen Michigan’s commitment to public safety, protect our environment, and secure jobs and paychecks for Michiganders.” – Attorney General Bill Schuette

“Tonight, the Governor did a great job of telling Michigan’s story over the past three years. The Senate, the House and the Governor have worked together as a team to put Michigan on a better path." – Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe