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Snyder signs bills to prevent possession of ammunition by convicted felons

Also signs three other bills

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder today signed a package of bills prohibiting convicted felons from possessing ammunition until certain conditions are met.

House Bill 4715, sponsored by state. Rep. Kurt Heise, prohibits convicted felons from possessing ammunition under any circumstances until three to five years after they have paid all fines, served their full term of imprisonment and successfully completed probation or parole. Ammunition is defined as any projectile that in its current state can be expelled from a firearm. The bill is now Public Act 4 of 2014.

“Closing this loophole in our state firearm laws is a common-sense adjustment that creates consistency, simplifies sentencing and ultimately benefits public safety,” Snyder said.

HB 4716, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Graves, defines the sentencing guidelines for a felon found in illegal possession of ammunition. The maximum sentence is five years’ imprisonment and is in line with the penalties for illegal possession of a firearm. It is now PA 5 of 2014.

HB 4717, sponsored by state Rep. Klint Kesto, amends the handgun licensure law to include ammunition rights in cases where individuals convicted of specified felonies apply to the concealed weapons licensing board in the county in which they live for restoration of firearm rights provided a series of conditions have been met. Only one application may be submitted per calendar year. It is now PA 6.

The governor also signed three other bills today.

Senate Bills 31 and 32, sponsored by state Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, provide that a life insurance trustee must have an insurable interest in the life of the grantor of a trust. Insurable interest is defined as substantial desire for the continued life of the insured by being related within the third degree by either blood or marriage. The bills are now PAs 7 and 8, respectively.

SB 255, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, clarifies building codes for fireworks retail facilities. Differences between previous building code laws are now eliminated by applying The Fire Works Safety Act of 2011 in instances where discrepancies occur. It is now PA 9.

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