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Snyder signs bill reforming Central Perpetrator Registry

Also signs three other bills

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder today signed legislation reforming the Michigan Central Perpetrator Registry and the policies and procedures concerning its operation.

The Michigan Child Protection Law requires the state Department of Human Services (DHS) to maintain the confidential internal registry of confirmed child abuse and neglect perpetrators.

“This bill brings important changes to the central registry that will improve the process for everyone, while ensuring protection for Michigan’s youth and public safety,” Snyder said.

Under House Bill 4893, sponsored by state Rep. Margaret O’Brien, the state must now notify a person being placed on the list via certified mail with return receipt, and the person will now have 180 days to request a hearing. A person could not remain on the list if a subsequent review of this decision fails to provide enough evidence.

Additionally, except for very serious offenders, names would be removed from the list after 10 years. The law previously required all names on the registry to remain until a registrant’s death.

When there is evidence that an individual has abused or neglected a child and the future risk to the child is high, that individual's name is placed on the registry. In some cases, the Child Protection Law does require certain names to go on the registry regardless of risk.

HB 4893 is now Public Act 30 of 2014.

The governor also signed the following three bills:

HB 4089, sponsored by state Rep. Earl Poleski, designates a Jackson County bridge on West Avenue between Ganson Street and Wildwood Avenue as the Officer James Bonneau Memorial Bridge. It is now PA 31.

HB 4168, also sponsored by O’Brien, eliminates a previous requirement where county treasurers had to supply a list of unlicensed dogs to the state Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and also does away with another requirement where county sheriffs were required to collect and euthanize the unlicensed dogs. It is now PA 32.

HB 5074, sponsored by state Rep. Cindy Denby, allows counties the option of imposing an interest rate that is lower than the 1 percent per month currently imposed on delinquent taxes that are owed to county. It is now PA 33.

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