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Gov. Snyder signs bill creating statewide recycling data collection system aimed at doubling rate

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan will be on track to increase its residential recycling rate by establishing a statewide data collection system to calculate the current rate, under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Michigan can do much better on our recycling rate, and the first step to improvement is figuring out where we stand today,” Snyder said.  

Senate Bill 507, authored by state Sen. Mike Green, creates a data reporting system for recycling establishments that will allow the state to determine a baseline recycling rate. The Governor has charged Michigan with doubling the municipal recycling rate, from an estimated 15 percent to 30 percent. Prior to this law, there was no mechanism in place that allowed the state to accurately calculate the recycling rate.

Recycling establishments will be required to submit data to the Department of Environmental Quality on their location and the amounts of recyclable materials received and shipped. The bill exempts retail establishments that collect returnable beverage containers, end-users of recyclable materials, and drop-off locations that send materials to a registered recycling establishment from having to report. There is no fee associated with the data collection and reporting requirements. The bill is now PA 55.

The governor today also signed the following measures:

SB 216, authored by Sen. Dave Robertson, changes references in state law regarding the general educational development (GED) test to be known as simply high school equivalency tests and certificates. The new definition allows the Workforce Development Agency flexibility in determining the best test to meet high school equivalency standards and provide skills for those transitioning to post-secondary education or careers. It is now PA 56.

SB 551, authored by state Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, allows individuals to appoint someone as their “funeral representative” to make legal decisions regarding their wishes after they pass away. The bill will help to provide efficiencies for funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories by having a person designated to oversee arrangements. It is now PA 57.

HB 4577, authored by state Rep. Dan Lauwers, allows agricultural commercial driver licenses to be issued once per calendar year instead of once every 365 days. It is now PA 58.

HB 5034, authored by state Rep. Anthony Forlini, allows a fiduciary or a designated recipient to access the digital property, including social media and online banking accounts, of an individual who has passed away or has become incapacitated. It is now PA 59.

HB 4792, authored by state Rep. Robert Wittenberg, allows out-of-state physicians who are traveling with a sports team to perform medical services in Michigan without a Michigan medical license. It is now PA 60.