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Michigan's AmeriCorps Member of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Member of the Month - May 2021: Emily Diller, Red Cross Together We Prepare

As a member of the Together We Prepare AmeriCorps program, Emily Diller helps communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Emily is involved in overseeing a variety of specialized issues such as youth disaster preparedness education and disaster action response. This year, Emily has used her creativity to bring disaster preparedness education to new populations and community partners. She has expanded her disaster preparedness education outreach to senior populations, camps, and apartment complexes.

Prior to joining the Together We Prepare AmeriCorps program, Emily had experience working with fire departments and hosting fire department conferences. Now as part of her AmeriCorps service, she provides immediate assistance when families experience home fires or other local disasters by responding as a member of an American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT). With fewer active DAT volunteers serving during the pandemic, Emily has doubled her efforts and serves with both the Lansing region and Detroit area Disaster Action Teams. When disasters strike, Emily responds to provide disaster response services, emotional support, and information to help families begin the process of planning their immediate and long-term recovery.

During her service term, Emily has also volunteered for multiple disaster response deployments to communities impacted by larger scale natural disasters. During these deployments, Emily serves long hours in stressful environments and extends kindness and empathy to those on the worst days of their lives. During one of her deployments, Emily saw that homeless individuals were being treated differently in the shelter than those who had stable housing. This really bothered Emily and she brought it to the supervisor's attention and worked to correct the issues.

Eilis Gambill, Program Director of the Together We Prepare AmeriCorps program shared, "Emily demonstrates true leadership and role model qualities. She is goal-oriented and possesses a high level of self-motivation. It is a pleasure to have Emily on the TWP team and I am confident she will continue to excel in her professional future."

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