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Illegal Gaming

Illegal Gaming in Michigan

Illegal gaming in Michigan encompasses any form of unauthorized gambling, involving consideration, prize, and chance, and it's strictly prohibited by state law. This includes unlicensed casinos, unauthorized online gambling, underground sports betting, and unregulated gaming machines in local establishments. The Michigan Gaming Control Board is actively combating illegal online gaming, illicit pop-up casinos, and the spread of illegal gaming machines in gas stations and bars.


Lawful Internet Gaming Act 152 of 2019

432.309 Michigan Gaming Control Board; jurisdiction and supervision of internet gaming operations; powers; investigation.

(2) The board may investigate and may issue cease and desist orders and obtain injunctive relief against a person that is not licensed by the board that offers internet gaming in this state.

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Fact Sheet for Businesses

In Michigan, gambling is generally illegal unless explicitly allowed by state law and involves consideration, prize, and chance, with a prohibition on accepting money or valuables based on uncertain events.

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Bulletin on Illegal Gaming

The Michigan Penal Code prohibits gambling, including wagering money on uncertain events, with exceptions for skill-based machines and certain redemption games, as long as specific conditions are met, and the prizes are noncash and of limited value.

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