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Exclusion of Persons List

The Gaming Control Board is committed to ensuring a safe environment for patrons of the three licensed casinos in Detroit.  One way to meet the goal is to prohibit entry into any of the casinos by individuals who may adversely affect public confidence and trust in the integrity of casino gaming in the city as outlined in MCL 432.204a(1)(l). The Exclusion List contains the names of people convicted of certain crimes in any jurisdiction and those placed on any other jurisdiction's Exclusion List. These individuals may not enter a casino unless ordered by a court or after a hearing granting permission by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Gino Accettola

Anthony Valentino Adams

Leon Carlton Ali

Roy Askew

Cortez Bender

Shaun Benward

Antell Bouier

Janiro Braxton

Kent Bray Sr.

Kent Bray Jr.

Lonnie Bridges

Leonard Bumpers

Wendell Burke

Maurice Burries

James Corbett Butler

Rondell Byers

Annie Callaway

Adrian William Carlton

Paul Summer Chapman

William Theodore Clark III

Ebonee Coffer

Alex Cogswell

Reginald Coleman

John Colletti

Roderick Conley

Larry Conway

Dwon Cooper

Cathleen Cramer

Adam Harold Crossnoe

Alvin Harold Crossnoe

Eugene Davis Jr.

Reginald Walter Dixon

Sharwon Dosky

Jesse Evans

Barry Fall

Charles Folmar

Robert Flowers Jr.

Daniel Frederick

Nickolas Frederick

Alberto Galan

Kenneth Gardner

Vernell Gardner

Anthony Gignac

Darryl Green

James Hagan

Ajuan Lamont Hammock

Ammar Hanbali

Sean Hannah

John Junior Harris

Devante Hatcher

Mervin Edgar Hawk

Toyree Hawthorne

Christopher Haynes

Darnell Henry

Simon Hill

Vanessa Hill-Dukes

Charles Hobson

Anthony Holloway

Maurice Fernando Hopkins

Stacy Houstina 

Sean A. Howard 

Arkan Frank Jamil

Demarkus Jeffries 

Jennifer Lee Kaplan 

Tammy Klatt

Shelly Leinenger 

Terry Lewis

Frank London III

Anthony Lemar Maddox

Robert Mapp

Dalerico Martin

Eric McCoggle

Vincent Glenn McFarland

Montice McFee

Roxanna McKinney

Sanetta Denise McNeil

Allen Melton

Harold Melton

Shannon Mettie

Anthony Miller

Steven Min 

Michael Anthony Miski

Shannon Molina

Brent Eli Morris

Nathaniel Myers

Quentin Nesbitt

Reginald Van Paige

Berry Parker

Mayurkumar Patel

Michael Pennington Jr.

Calvin Pullom

Brandon Ragland

Earl Railey

Donald Rambo

William Randle

John Rankin

Jason Redmond

Devin Rodriguez

Marsden Ross

Mark Saffo Saffo

Donta Sanders

Veronica Sharp

James Sharrak

Leah Smith

Luzion Smith, II

Robbie Spencer

Hayward Stampley

Ricardo Stephens

Mark Stewart

Wesley Stewart

Yvette Stokes

Laverne Thomas

Rueben Thomas

Cydell Thompson

Ronald Thompson-Bey

Omar Tyus

Chris Vitale

Michael Witcher

Arthur Williams

Kathleen Williams

Prevetta Williams

Sharion Williams

Cordero Young

Delicia Nicole Young

Kenneth Young

Marcus Young

Brandon Youson

George Zaia