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Horse Racing Act and Rules

Michigan's pari-mutuel horse racing is governed by the Horse Racing Law of 1995. This act legislates the pari-mutuel method of wagering on the results of live and simulcast races at licensed racing meetings in this state. The MGCB licenses and regulates the conduct of horse race meetings in this state with pari-mutuel wagering on the results of horse races and persons involved in horse racing and pari-mutuel gaming activities at such race meetings.

Along with the Law, there is a set of rules that help define the various activities that take place within the industry. The horse racing rules continue to evolve and expand as the racing industry changes. The changes in these rules help to keep Michigan competitive in the horse racing world. 


 Horse Racing Law of 1995 (Act 279, Public Acts of 1996, as Amended)


 General/Administrative Rules