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Michigan Gaming Control Board Suspends Charitable Gaming Due to Illegal Gambling at 5 Star Lanes, Sterling Heights, in Macomb County


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2013


Location: Cadillace Place, 3062 W. Grand Blvd, L-700, Detroit 
Contact:  Gary Paolella (313) 456-4178


The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has suspended all charitable poker and gaming at 5 Star Lanes, Sterling Heights, Michigan. Gaming Board officials also suspended the license of Total G Services, LLC, a millionaire party supplier which provides millionaire party gaming events at that location. This marks the 20th “poker room” either banned or suspended as a millionaire party location since 2010.

The emergency suspension centers on a joint investigation by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) and the Michigan Attorney General’s Office regarding suspected illegal gambling and fraudulent activities which involved the poker room supplier.

According to MGCB Executive Director Rick Kalm, the investigation has already revealed multiple violations of Michigan regulatory laws and possible criminal law violations.

Kalm said it was necessary to immediately suspend the millionaire party supplier license of Total G Services, LLC, and its owner, Fouad Haddad (Haddad), because Haddad and his employees and/or agents have routinely engaged in illegal gambling. The Emergency Order of Suspension is necessary to protect charities and the integrity of charitable gaming.

The licensed charities scheduled to hold future events at this location will be redirected to other venues until further notice.

Kalm said MGCB investigators learned Haddad and his employees and/or agents had routinely falsified gaming records, directed charities to also falsify records to deliberately under-report and hide revenue. In addition, charities report being pressured to loan chips to players all in an attempt to deceive gaming authorities and maximize his profits. Haddad had previously been cited by MGCB for gaming related violations, prior to this action being taken.

According to Kalm, “Because of the ongoing illegal activity at this location, immediate action was necessary.” “We encourage charities managing events to monitor and report illegal gambling activities. New proposed rules will hopefully increase charitable organizations’ involvement and raise awareness of their exposure when locations or their suppliers break the law.”

A copy of the Emergency Order of Suspension can be found on the MGCB website at

Michigan citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious or illegal gambling to the Michigan Gaming Control Board by calling their 24-hour anonymous tip line at 888-314-2682. To contact the Attorneys General’s Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Division, please call 517-241-0210.