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Mich. Gaming Control Board suspends charitable poker gaming supplier for allowing ex-con to deal cards at Roseville bingo hall

Charities may reapply for licenses with new suppliers

Detroit - The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has suspended the license of charitable gaming supplier Four Aces Club for employing a convicted felon as a dealer at a Roseville bingo hall, giving a false name to MGCB investigators, attempting to conceal the false identification and lying to investigators.

“Four Aces Club compromised the integrity of charitable gaming by falsely identifying and employing a convicted felon as a dealer,” said Richard Kalm, MGCB executive director. “The public should feel confident their trust won’t be violated when sitting across the table from a dealer.”

The MGCB will assist charities planning millionaire parties at Rosemack Bingo Hall, 20791 E. 13 Mile Road, Roseville, to obtain new licenses and use other approved suppliers to help them operate charitable gaming. Charitable gaming suppliers can provide tables, poker chips and dealers to charitable groups to assist them in running charitable poker games. 

The MGCB does not allege wrongdoing by Rosemack Bingo Hall and may allow games at the location if charities contract with a new supplier. The MGCB has issued supplier licenses to nearly 50 Michigan companies (a list with contact information can be found at

The MGCB conducts background investigations on charity gaming dealers to protect the welfare of the charities and the public. In June 2014, the MGCB notified Four Aces Club owner Guy Hickey of Warren that one of his dealers was a convicted felon and therefore ineligible to be a millionaire party dealer. The MGCB received a tip in March 2015 that Four Aces Club dealers at Rosemack weren’t using their real names and one might have a felony record.

In April 2015, an MGCB investigator found the dealer working under a false name for Four Aces Club at Rosemack Bingo Hall, and Hickey also falsified the dealer’s identity. The Eastpointe-Roseville Chamber of Commerce was conducting charitable gaming while the dealer allegedly used his nephew’s name when dealing cards.

Hickey’s gaming supply company further violated Michigan charitable gaming rules by failing to provide to the MGCB complete, accurate lists of dealers working at the Chamber of Commerce -- and potentially other -- charitable events.

Hickey’s gaming company, Four Aces Club, was suspended for five days in mid-2014 for violating the Bingo Act.

“We appreciate the help of citizens and encourage them to use our anonymous tip line, 888-314-2682, to report any illegal or suspicious activity and help us maintain the integrity of gaming in Michigan,” Kalm said.

"The Michigan Gaming Control Board shall ensure the conduct of fair and honest gaming to protect the interests of the citizens of the State of Michigan."