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Michigan Gaming Control Board votes to renew Detroit casinos’ licenses

Detroit, Aug. 9, 2022 – The Michigan Gaming Control Board voted unanimously to approve the one-year renewal of the licenses for the three Detroit casinos during a public meeting Tuesday morning. By law, three votes are required in support of final determinations of the board on applications for casino license.

“A casino license is a privilege granted by the State of Michigan,” said Henry Williams, MGCB executive director. “Board members and agency staff take seriously our responsibilities when reviewing this privilege each year as required by law.”

The Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act established the casino license application process (Section 432.205) and the information applicants must share with the MGCB. The Act also directs the MGCB to consider many factors when determining whether to grant a license including:

  • Integrity, moral character and reputation
  • Business probity
  • Financial ability and experience
  • Compulsive gambling programs adopted and implemented by the casino

Licensees are taxed at 18% on adjusted gross receipts and remit the wagering tax daily via electronic funds transfer. The state receives 8.1%, and the City of Detroit receives 9.9% of the wagering tax plus development agreement payments. The casinos also pay an 8.4% tax on retail sports betting qualified adjusted gross receipts. Additionally, the casinos pay an annual fee to cover the state’s regulatory expenses.

Michigan’s casino gaming law includes standards for promoting responsible gaming. Licensees are required to display the state’s toll-free gambling helpline number, 800-270-7117, at each entrance and exit, on each electronic funds transfer terminal, at each credit location and on all printed advertisements and promotional materials.

"The Michigan Gaming Control Board shall ensure the conduct of fair and honest gaming to protect the interests of the citizens of the State of Michigan."

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