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Frequently Asked Questions

Detroit Casino Self-Exclusion - Disassociated Person List (DPL)

  • You can add your name to the DPL. To participate in this voluntary program, please contact the MGCB at 888-223-3044 to schedule an appointment. The application must be completed in-person at either MGCB Detroit Cadillac Place or Lansing office. 
  • You may be denied service at casinos operated in other jurisdictions by Michigan casino licensees or their affiliate companies in other jurisdictions, including any online gaming affiliates.
  • If you voluntarily participate in the DPL program and are observed on the premises of a Detroit commercial casino, you will be charged with criminal trespassing and will be immediately removed from the casino premises. Criminal trespassing is punishable by imprisonment for not more than one year, a fine of not more than $1,000, or both. Additionally, if you win any money, your winnings will be confiscated by the MGCB and deposited into the State of Michigan Compulsive Gaming Prevention Fund.
  • You may apply for removal from the list after five years.
  • The DPL is a voluntary program. Your name is added to the list only after completing an appointment with the MGCB. (See item #1) If you do not remember, you may contact the Responsible Gaming Section at 888-223-3044 to request an appointment to verify your status.
  • No. If an applicant requires translation services, MGCB staff will use third-party translation services over the phone during the appointment.  Appointments using translation services typically take an hour. There is no charge for this service.

Detroit Casino Self-Exclusion Removal (DPL Removal)

  • You may submit a DPL Request for Removal Application form only after you have remained on the Disassociated Persons List (self-exclusion program) for a minimum of 5 years.
  • If you do not know whether you are eligible, you may contact the Responsible Gaming Section at 888-223-3044 to request an appointment to verify your eligibility. You also may complete the Removal application, and you will receive written notification from the Michigan Gaming Control Board.
  • The Michigan Gaming Control Board will review your application to ensure it is complete and has up to 60 business days from receipt of your fully completed application to process your request. If additional information is needed, the MGCB will contact you via email. If an email is not provided, the notice will be sent to the mailing address on the application. 
  • No. You will not be removed from the Disassociated Persons List until the Michigan Gaming Control Board has processed your application and notifies you in writing that you have been removed from the DPL.
  • The Michigan Gaming Control Board will send a letter to the email address provided on the application. If an email is not provided, the letter will be sent to the mailing address on the application.
  • Yes. You may contact the Michigan Gaming Control Board to schedule an appointment for placement back on the Disassociated Persons List.

Internet Casino Gaming & Internet Sports Betting – Responsible Gaming Database (RGD)

  • Complete and submit the Responsible Gaming Database (RGD) Application and submit to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Options include:

    • Complete the application in-person at an MGCB office during business hours.
    • Print and complete the application. Ensure it is properly notarized and email to or mail to:

    Michigan Gaming Control Board 
    Attention: Responsible Gaming Section
    3062 W Grand Blvd, Suite L-700
    Detroit, MI 48202

  • The MGCB Responsible Gaming Representative will email written confirmation you have been placed in the RGD, which could take up to 45 days from application submission. You will be prohibited from establishing and/or using an online wagering account or an online sports betting account or both.
  • No. You have the option of selecting 1 year or 5 years of self-exclusion from online gaming or online sports betting or both. Your name will be removed automatically when the selected self-exclusion time expires.
  • You may voluntarily prohibit yourself from establishing an online wagering account and/or sports betting account and participating in online gaming and online sports betting with each individual website or app under their Responsible Gaming section.

  • As a self-excluded person in the RGD, licensed Michigan operators may prohibit you from engaging in other forms of gaming in Michigan or another state.  This could include, but is not limited to, being banned from their affiliated casino properties worldwide or other forms of online gaming operators offer for the length of your placement in the RGD. 
  • The MGCB’s RGD program allows an individual to choose two different lengths of exclusion for each gaming type. Licensed Michigan operators who offer both online casino gaming and online sports betting may choose to deny you privileges to all their offered online gaming for the longest length of exclusion chosen. For instance, 1 year can be chosen for online casino gaming and 5 years for online sports betting but an operator may choose to deny you gaming privileges on their website/app for the full 5-year exclusion period for online sports betting as well as online casino gaming. 

If you have additional questions, please contact our office at 888-223-3044 to speak with a Responsible Gaming representative.