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Michigan operators report $114.2 million in June gross internet gaming and sports betting receipts

Detroit, July 19, 2021 - Internet gaming operators in Michigan reported $89.2 million in internet gaming gross receipts for June. Internet sports betting operators received $25 million in total gross sports betting receipts and reported a total handle of $235.1 million for the month.

"Michigan's gross internet casino gaming and online sports betting wagering receipts in June roughly matched May," said Henry Williams, Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director. "Summer is here, and Michigan is reopening after the pandemic restrictions so there are many entertainment opportunities. The slight tenth of a percent decline from May to June shows internet gaming and online sports betting continues to draw Michigan residents' and visitors' interest."

Taxes and payments are based on adjusted gross receipts, which were $66.2 million for internet gaming and $16.8 million for internet sports betting during June. Adjusted gross receipts include deductions for the monetary value of free play incentives provided to and wagered by bettors. The operators delivered approximately $14.6 million in taxes and payments to the State of Michigan including:

  • Internet gaming taxes/payments: $13.7 million
  • Internet sports betting taxes/payments: $927,575

During June, Michigan's largest internet casino gaming operator, MGM Grand Detroit, took its first deduction for free play since launch in January. The $17.5 million free play deduction contributed to a 25.7 percent decline in internet gaming adjusted gross receipts in June compared with May results. Michigan law limits the deduction for internet casino gaming free play to 10 percent or less of gross receipts in the first three years after launch.

For internet gaming, the state receives 70 percent of the total tax from the commercial operators and 80 percent of the total payment from tribal operators. The tax and payment rate ranges from 20 percent to 28 percent based on yearly adjusted gross receipts.

For internet sports betting, commercial operators pay 70 percent of the 8.4 percent tax to the state and 30 percent to the city of Detroit. Tribal operators make an 8.4 percent payment to the state on adjusted gross sports betting receipts.

The three Detroit casinos reported city wagering taxes and municipal services fees of $3.6 million for:

  • Internet gaming taxes and fees: $3.1 million
  • Internet sports betting taxes and fees: $518,269

Tribal operators reported $1.9 million of wagering payments to the tribes' governing bodies.

From the Jan. 22 launch through June 30, aggregate internet gaming adjusted gross receipts totaled $435.6 million and aggregate internet sports betting adjusted gross sports betting receipts were $40.5 million.

An online gaming and sports betting revenue distribution table is available on the agency's website.

During June, 13 operators were authorized for one or both forms of online wagering. FireKeepers Casino also conducted a soft launch with limited participation during June before the MGCB approved a full launch for Michigan's 14th operator on July 12. Details for each operator's internet gaming and internet sports betting results are available in tables published on the MGCB website.


"The Michigan Gaming Control Board shall ensure the conduct of fair and honest gaming to protect the interests of the citizens of the State of Michigan."