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Mass Attacks in Crowded & Public Spaces

While the threat of mass attacks is real, we can all take steps to prepare, protect ourselves and help others.

What are Mass Attacks?


  • Use weapons to attack crowds.
  • Target less protected indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Intend to harm multiple victims.
  • Use the attack(s) to intimidate.
  • Can use makeshift or modern weapons.

Types of Mass Attacks

  • Active shooter: Individuals using firearms to cause mass casualties.
  • Intentional Vehicular Assault (IVA): Individuals using a vehicle to cause mass casualties.
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED): Individuals using homemade bombs to cause mass casualties.
  • Other methods of mass attacks may include knives, fires, drones or other weapons.

Protect Yourself Against a Mass Attack

  • Stay alert.
  • Seek safety.
  • Cover and hide.
  • Defend yourself.
  • Help the wounded.

If You See Something, Say Something®
Report suspicious behavior, items or activities to authorities.

Observe Warning Signs
Signs might include unusual or violent communications, expressed anger or intent to cause harm and substance abuse. These warning signs may increase over time.

Be Alert to Your Surroundings
Observe what is going on around you and avoid distractions such as texting, listening to headphones or being on your cell phone.

Have an Exit Plan
Identify exits and areas to hide under cover wherever you go, including at work, school and special events.

Plan to Seek Cover for Protection
Map out places to seek cover. Place a barrier between yourself and the threat using solid objects, walls and locked doors as protection.

Learn Lifesaving Skills
Take trainings such as You Are the Help Until Help Arrives and first aid to assist the wounded before help arrives.


Michigan Intelligence Operations Center

The Michigan Intelligence Opetations Center - known as a fusion center - provides 24-hours a day statewide information sharing among local, state and federal public safety agencies and private sector organizations in order to facilitate the collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence relevant to terrorism and public safety.


Signs of Terrorism

Signs of Terrorism Video - General Information


"If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign


Do you pay attention to your surroundings?

Watch the videos to find out.  Then share the videos with your friends to see how they do.




Download Toss video (38.3MB MP4)



Visit to learn more about suspicious activity reporting


More Information/Additional Resources:
See Something, Say Something - Signs of Terrorism Flyer (PDF)
MichTip – Michigan’s 24/7 suspicious activity reporting tool: Online or call 855-MICHTIP (855-642-4847)
OK2SAY – Michigan’s 24/7 confidential reporting tool for tips regarding public and private school violence
Michigan Intelligence Operations Center (MIOC)