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Avoid Loan Scams

  • Avoid Loan Scams

    In response to the continuing stories of illegitimate companies taking advantage of and preying on federal student loan borrowers, the National Council of Higher Education Resources (NCHER) has created an easy-to-understand infographic which offers simple tips that borrowers can use to identify potential scams and avoid them when repaying their federal student loans. The infographic also includes phone numbers and websites for legitimate student loan assistance and urges borrowers to contact the Federal Trade Commission with information about scams.

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    Avoid Loan Scams


MFA-Student Loan Programs

  • About SLP

    MFA-Student Loan Programs has been assisting citizens of Michigan with higher education services since 1975. While no longer issuing new loans, MFA-SLP continues to provide repayment assistance to existing borrowers of the Federal Family Education Loan (FFELP) and the Michigan Alternative Student Loan (MI-LOAN) Programs, including: loan servicing oversight, delinquency prevention, default resolution, and loan rehabilitation.