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Official Statement: Fatal Officer-Involved Incident in Kentwood

Statement by Col. James F. Grady II, Director

The Michigan State Police (MSP) places the highest priority on protecting Michiganders’ lives and remain steadfast in our commitment to the pursuit of justice. 

The MSP continues to move expeditiously to conduct a complete and thorough investigation. Based on the seriousness of the situation, the MSP member involved was placed on unpaid suspension on the day of the incident. 

All information, including video evidence, will be turned over to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, who will review the case to determine whether criminal charges will result. The Michigan State Police Troopers Association contract prohibits the release of a member’s name unless they are charged with a crime. 

I assure the public and the Sterling and Cage families that we are working diligently to complete this investigation and provide the Attorney General’s Office with everything they need to reach a decision.

Additional information can be found here: Update: MSP Continues Investigation into Officer-Involved Fatal Incident in Kentwood; Attorney General's Office Begins Review of Incident