Special Events

  • Calendar of events

    Check out our calendar to learn about programs, classes and other fun events planned at the Outdoor Adventure Center.

  • WOW - Wild Over Wednesday

    The last Wednesday of each month, we offer free admission from 6 to 8 p.m. for all of our visitors and special programs, fun and games around a specific topic each month, plus enjoy all the exhibits at the Outdoor Adventure Center!  There will be story time for our youngest guests, hands-on experiences, games and informational sessions for interested visitors.

Current Calendar
Outdoor Adventure Center - Take a Hike Day

Join us at the OAC to learn about our staff’s favorite hikes and gain inspiration for your next venture into the forest.

Outdoor Adventure Center - The Secret Lives of Skunks!

Through a visual presentation by Laurel Zoet of Nature-on-the-Go, discover fun facts about this misunderstood animal. 

Outdoor Adventure Center - Native American History of Southeastern Michigan

This lecture and multi-media presentation by Al and David Eicher provides “proof positive” information about Michigan’s Thumb region, being rich in Native American history dating back to ancient times.

Outdoor Adventure Center - Introduction to Archery Course Begins

This five-week course will offer a more in-depth archery experience in a safe and fun environment.

Outdoor Adventure Center - Zombie Survival Archery

Whether you’re a Walking Dead fan, wonder if you can survive the zombie apocalypse or are just looking for a different style of archery class, this is the archery class for you!