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Field trips - summer programs

Group of kids with insect nets near urban field

Field trips - summer programs

General information

Fee: Admission for groups of 20 or more is $2 per person (both children and adults). Preregistration required.

Lunch: There is a cafeteria area for groups to have lunch. Space is not reserved; we recommend that chaperones eat with their group of six as space allows. We have a limited number of carts to secure your bag lunches – no refrigeration or microwaves are available.

Supervision: The building is best experienced in small groups. We require one adult chaperone to accompany every six children throughout the OAC. Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Active and engaged supervision is required.

Duration: Field trips to the Outdoor Adventure Center are typically booked for a maximum of 2.5 hours.

To extend your day in Detroit, check out other opportunities at nearby locations*:

*Please note that these organizations have their own booking processes, prices and availability and are separate entities from the Outdoor Adventure Center.

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Summer field trip add-on

For an additional $2 per student, you may choose to add an activity to your visit.

For the 2024 season, our summer offerings are under construction. During this season, we are offering program add-ons that can be led by your camp counselors with limited assistance from our staff.

The following programs are available for the 2024 season. All options are available for mixed age groups.

Big connector blocks in the archery range: 45 minutes

With shapes that have moveable parts and joints, these blocks give children the ability to build creations they can move and manipulate, providing a richer play experience that extends beyond the act of construction. This activity will allow children to build machines, characters, vehicles, wearables and infinitely more. This session will fuel children's ingenuity and their drive to invent and experiment with mechanical connections and a variety of simple machines.

Maximum 30 students per session
Cost: $2 per student

Gaga pit and outdoor games on front lawn: up to 2.5 hours

With this option, your group will have a gaga pit set up along with various outdoor games. This section will be reserved for just your group.

The game of gaga ball takes only a few minutes to learn and doesn’t require the mastery of specific skills, so it creates a level playing field for children of all athletic abilities, including boys and girls in coed sports as well as kids with attention deficit disorders, social skills challenges and others who haven’t participated in traditional sports. Because the game of gaga ball has so much unpredictable action, it gives the nontraditional athlete an equal chance of winning. This does absolute wonders for their self-esteem, even the very first time they play.

Maximum 150 students per session
Cost: $2 per student