OK2SAY Outcome Report

Public Act 183 of 2013 requires the Attorney General to prepare an analysis of the overall effectiveness of the OK2SAY program in addressing criminal act or potential harm directed at schools, school employees, and students. To assist in preparing this report, we request that you please take a few minutes to complete this Outcome Report and tell us about your experience. If you have any questions, please call 855-565-2729.

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*  (If unavailable, please provide the date of the tip):

*  Provide a description of the investigation/intervention. Schools should not include a student's personally identifiable information. 20 USC §1232g.
* Outcomes (Please select all that apply.)
 Detained/Taken into Custody
Were school operations impacted?

If Yes, what was the impact to school operations? (Please select all that apply.)

 School was cancelled.

School was put on lockdown/shelter-in-place.

 School was dismissed early.

 Students/staff were evacuated to another location.

 After school activities were cancelled. 

* Were weapons involved?

* Were alcohol or drugs involved?

* Was there sufficient information given by the OK2SAY tip to initiate an investigation?
* Before receiving the tip, were you already aware of the problem?
*Did you find OK2SAY to be a useful service for responding to this incident?


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