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Student Resources

Ways to Get Help

A variety of local, state, and national resources and services are available to support individuals, teens, and children facing a wide range of challenges. Explore these options to find help for yourself or a friend in need.
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Encouraging Others

Remember, if you see something concerning, say something – reaching out and having an open conversation can make a significant difference. Whether online or in person, helping a friend at risk of suicide or abuse starts with empathy, active listening, and connecting them to resources that can provide the help and hope they need.
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Let's Learn

Let's face it, some things are hard to talk about. We’re here to help.  Below are links to some information about some of those not-so-fun, but oh-so-important topics that kids and teens have to confront every day. These resources are here to keep you safe and provide you with ways to get help for yourself, a friend, or another who might be struggling.