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Ambassador Program

<span class="sr-only">Register and Receive Ambassador Updates</span>

Registered Ambassadors will receive updates from the OK2SAY team providing:

  • Practical ideas and suggestions to help make a difference.
  • News on student who are taking action to improve their school climate.
  • Interesting facts about issue impacting you and your peers.
  • New OK2SAY and other resources.


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High School Students Working On Campus With Teacher

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Female High School Student By Lockers Using Mobile Phone

Share Ambassador News

Share Ambassador News

<span class="sr-only">Share Ambassador News</span>

Kindness and compassion is its own reward—but sometimes it is nice to get some recognition for your efforts, right? Besides, your actions and ideas help promote the movement.  OK2SAY may even feature your material on our website or in our annual report. 

To say thank you, we will send you an OK2SAY t-shirt. If you are not at least 13, please submit the material through a trusted adult.


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High School Students Collaborating On Project On Campus

Kindness, Inclusion, and Awareness Suggested Activities and Ideas

Kindness, Inclusion, and Awareness Suggested Activities and Ideas