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Do everything you can with your children to avoid tragedy from alcohol or binge drinking.

74% of kids say their parents are the #1 influence in their drinking decisions. Because parents are the biggest influences on their children, they can set the best example for them. The first step to preventing something bad from happening to your children is to show your children the proper example.  

Sit down and talk honestly and openly. Love and guidance can go a long way in managing the pressures that come with adolescence and young adulthood. Have your children commit to not drink alcohol until they are of legal drinking age. Most importantly, encourage your children to always be honest.

Encourage your children to always call you for help or support regardless of the situation or condition they are in. Agree to pick up your child regardless of time or condition and to wait 24 hours before discussing it. Many children are afraid to call their parents because they are afraid of the consequences. By staying calm and not overreacting, your child will feel comfortable coming to you, and it may prevent him or her from making a rash, unsafe decision. By working together, your family can go forward and make sure your children are healthy and safe.

Action Plan

Make a pact right now that:

  • You will always know where and with whom your child is going.
  • If your child leaves that place for another, he or she will notify you of the next place.
  • If your child or the person driving your child consumes alcohol, your child will call you for a ride and will never get in the car with someone else who has consumed alcohol.
  • If your child can drive, he or she will never get behind the wheel and drive after consuming alcohol. Make sure your child knows and understands the consequences of getting behind the wheel while under the influence.
  • You and your child agree on a check-in time to make sure your child is safe.
  • You will not overreact if your child is being honest with you or calls for a ride.
  • You and your child will continue to have ongoing conversations with your teen about making good choice, safety, and not drinking alcohol.

More Resources:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The reality and aftermath of teens who lost their lives through binge drinking or drunk driving are heartbreaking. Review together to convince your family that it's worth it to commit to say no to alcohol.