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K - 1st Grade

The primary theme of the presentation is the “3 Keeps.” Students are instructed to (1) Keep Safe by carefully guarding their personal information online; (2) Keep Away from Internet strangers; and (3) Keep Telling parents or a trusted adult about anything that makes them uncomfortable. Using short child-friendly videos to reinforce key messages, students learn how to recognize bullying behaviors and respond accordingly

2nd - 3rd Grade

The topics covered in the K-1st grade seminar are addressed more thoroughly. The presentation discusses important rules for being safe online and encourages students to seek the help of a trusted adult when faced with challenging situations. Using Brain Pop videos, students learn to recognize bullying and cyberbullying behavior and how to respond accordingly.

4th - 5th Grade

Building upon the lessons in the 2-3 grade presentation, this seminar illustrates the importance of limiting how much personal information is shared online. Students learn to recognize common techniques used by Internet predators and effective responses to bullying and cyberbullying. The students are also introduced to the OK2SAY student safety program and encouraged to always talk to a trusted adult before contacting OK2SAY.

6th - 8th Grade

Students are encouraged to examine their own behaviors and make smart and thoughtful decisions. Students are cautioned about the dangers of revealing personal information online and learn the consequences of sexting. Students learn steps to take if they witness or are the target of peer abuse. The students also see a video that features Michigan teens that have died by suicide in part because of bullying. The OK2SAY program is thoroughly explained and students know that they can confidentially report anything that threatens their safety or the safety of others.

9th - 12th Grade

Building upon the lessons in the middle school seminar, students are challenged to take a stand for student safety. Focusing on OK2SAY, the fast-paced presentation covers bullying, cyberbullying, suicide talk, sexting, threats, dating violence, sexual abuse, and hazing. Students see a video featuring Michigan teens that have died by suicide in part because of bullying. They view a video that emphasizes the importance of empathy, perspective, leadership, and compassion.  

Community Seminar

This presentation provides a quick overview of the student seminars and emphasizes practical tools, including how to: 1) access the Michigan Sex Offender Registry; 2) understand the impact of digital footprints; 3) realize the risk of sharing photos with embedded location information; 4) identify the possible privacy risks of different apps; 5) recognize the potential dangers and legal ramification of sexting; and 6) identify cyberbully warning signs and develop a plan of action. In addition, we discuss the OK2SAY student safety program.

OK2SAY Implementation Program

The presentation provides a broad overview of all of our programming, including how to register to host OK2SAY presentations. OK2SAY Overview: The presentation is geared toward professionals and interested community leaders who would like to know the details about how OK2SAY has been implemented and how schools can effectively use the program in their schools and communities.