Gov. Snyder's Public Health Advisory Commission proposes improvements to serve Michiganders better

Recommendations focus on collaboration, investment and accreditation

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Public Health Advisory Commission today released a report of recommendations to Gov. Rick Snyder to ensure the protection and promotion of public health and safety in the state.  

Snyder created the 24-member commission through Executive Order 2016-19.

“Above all else, the health and safety of Michiganders comes first,” said Snyder. “I thank the commissioners for their commitment to advancing public health and developing the framework for a more responsive and cohesive public health system.”

An overwhelming majority of the Commissioners – which included health care experts, educators, nonprofit leaders and public servants – supported all recommendations included in the report. The chair was the state’s Chief Medical Executive, Dr. Eden Wells.

“Throughout the process, Commission members were committed to assuring accountability and improving the state’s efficiency and response in the delivery of public health services,” Wells said. “With these recommendations and further research and discussion, we are confident Michigan is on the right path to developing the optimal organization structure of state public health services.”

Of the report’s 39 recommendations, the Commission proposed the State of Michigan prioritize the following three reforms:

  • Create a permanent Public Health Advisory Council to serve as a forum to address emerging state and local public health issues, and provide all state department heads and public health stakeholders the opportunity to collaborate on real-time public health responses.
  • Commence a comprehensive review of state public health funding on a county-by-county basis to identify disparities and unmet needs throughout the state, repurpose current funding and increases investments towards Michigan’s public health system.
  • Ensure all state departments utilize a “Health in all Policies” approach when implementing policies and programs.

The full text of the report is available here.  


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