Governor Pitches Michigan at SAE World Congress

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Governor Pitches Michigan at SAE World Congress

April 5, 2006

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Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today spoke with representatives from more than 17 companies and trade organizations from Michigan and around the world, encouraging them to choose Michigan to expand and create jobs.  The conversations were held during the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) 2006 World Congress conference in Detroit.
"The companies here today are the high-tech auto manufacturing companies that will help diversify our economy and make Michigan a leader in today's global economy," Granholm said.  "Michigan's highly-skilled workforce and robust business climate make it a great match for any of these companies looking to expand."
Granholm encouraged growing international companies to invest in Michigan and encouraged Michigan-based companies to expand here.  The Governor spoke with representatives from Hitachi Automotive, the Bavarian Trade Commission, Behr America, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and AVL among others.
Attracting the high-tech companies like those at SAE is part of the Governor's plan to diversify Michigan's economy while protecting the manufacturing jobs already present. 


To date, Governor Granholm has:

- signed legislation establishing the $2 billion Jobs for Michigan Fund to grow our economy in key industries, and currently has an independent panel of experts reviewing applications from entrepreneurs;

- established her Jobs Today Initiative, which is fast-forwarding public infrastructure projects, including road projects and nursing home improvements to create thousands of jobs today;

- matched unemployed citizens with businesses that need workers right now through Mi Opportunity Partnership; and,

- signed legislation to raise expectations for students to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed in college and the workplace.

"My administration continues to fight for every job here in Michigan and I will continue to go anywhere, and do anything to grow our economy," Granholm said.