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SC- Macomb County

08:30 AM 17-004055 Scott & Carrie Mullica vs. Township Of Harrison
09:00 AM 17-004140 Rebecca L Leszkiewicz vs. City Of Fraser
09:30 AM 17-004294 Thomas S Bender vs. City Of Fraser
10:00 AM 17-003913 Randy Lafleur vs. City Of Eastpointe
10:30 AM 17-004603 Michael A Griffin vs. County Of Macomb
11:00 AM 17-004644 Melissa D Garcia vs. Township Of Brockway
11:30 AM 17-004814 Sherwood PW Baker, II vs. Township Of Riley
01:00 PM 17-004648 James P Arlow vs. Township Of Cottrellville
01:30 PM 17-000400-R Robert A Canner vs. Township Of Bloomfield
02:00 PM    
02:30 PM 17-004403 Julius Pawlicha and Frank Pawlicha vs. City Of Hazel Park
03:00 PM    
03:30 PM 17-004840 Brian J Larson vs. County Of Oakland