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SC- Gladwin County

09:30AM 17-001581 Kathryn Schamanek vs Township of Hill
10:00 AM 17-003017 Ronald J Kutchey vs. Township Of Mills
10:30 AM 17-004136 Charles L Wade vs. Township Of Mills
11:00 AM 17-004862 Fabera Revocable Living Trust; George M Fabera-Trustee vs. Township Of Logan
11:30 AM 17-004837 James M Geoffrey vs. Township Of Hill
01:00 PM 17-004867 Edward P Sheppard vs. County Of Roscommon
01:30 PM 17-004967 Wendy S Bennett vs. County Of Roscommon
02:00 PM 17-004884 Anne Simopoulos vs. County Of Arenac
02:30 PM 17-004919 Michael D Gadwell vs. County Of Arenac
03:00 PM 17-004898 John C Kozubal vs. City Of Bay City