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SC- Kent County

08:30 AM 18-002761 Greater Hopes Inc Ex. Dir Cathy A Raidna vs. City of Wyoming
09:00 AM    
09:30 AM 18-002772 Aber Investments LLC vs. City of Wyoming
10:00 AM 18-002773 Vannette Phillip Judith Trust vs. City Of Grand Rapids
10:30 AM 18-002758 Dave C Aussicker vs. City Of Grand Rapids
11:00 AM 18-002764 Neighbors of Belknap Lookout vs. City Of Grand Rapids
11:30 AM    
01:00 PM    
01:30 PM 18-000800 Ross Baker vs. Township Of Byron
02:00 PM 18-002790 Muskegon River Holding vs. City Of Newaygo
02:30 PM 18-002841 Tom A Russo vs. Township Of Plainfield
03:00 PM 18-002794 Mary A & Randy W Busch vs. City Of Fremont
03:30 PM 18-001475 John Leitner vs. City Of Grand Haven
04:00 PM 18-001657 Mr. David Brian Race vs. Township Of Crockery