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SC- Wayne County

08:30 AM 19-000655 Builders Investment Group LLC vs. City Of Wyandotte
09:00 AM 19-000524 Ahmed Altairi vs. City Of Dearborn
09:30 AM 19-000553 Bilal Kharbutli vs. City Of Dearborn
10:00 AM 19-000739 Keybank National Association vs. Township Of Augusta
10:30 AM 18-003909 Dina L Hanna vs. Township Of Harrison
11:00 AM 19-000620 Haeder Alaboody vs. Township Of Canton
11:30 AM    
01:00 PM 19-000674 Snezana Rotarov vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
01:30 PM    
02:00 PM 19-000615 Thomasina Y Patterson vs. City Of Grosse Pte. Woods
02:30 PM 19-000208 Michael B Bacha vs. Township Of Manchester
03:00 PM 19-000630 James Christopher Brown vs. City Of Grosse Pointe
03:30 PM 19-000751 Danabrooke, LLC vs. City of Detroit
04:00 PM 19-000307 Said Fawaz vs. City Of Dearborn