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SC- Telephonic Hearings

08:00 AM 19-003855 Jacqueline Cristini vs. County Of Muskegon
08:30 AM 19-003852 Suzanne M Bergum vs. County Of Muskegon
09:00 AM 19-003143 Timothy J Groover vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
09:30 AM 19-003579 Timothy and Dawn Russell vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
10:00 AM
Gary San Cartier v Twp of Richland
10:30 AM
Mark A DeGroat V Twp of Bentley
11:00 AM    
11:30 AM
Joseph Bacigal v Twp of Perry
01:00 PM 19-002957 Ronald J Kutchey vs. Township Of Mills
01:30 PM 19-003132 Gerald W St John, Jr. vs. Township Of Mills
02:00 PM    
02:30 PM 19-000277 Gordon David Aikin vs. Township Of Blue Lake
03:00 PM 19-003805 James Allen vs. Township Of Holton
03:30 PM
Mark Mathers v Twp of Clement
04:00 PM