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SC- Telephonic Hearings

09:00 AM 19-003830 Cynthia N Babel vs. County Of Grand Traverse
09:30 AM 19-003918 Laurent Yves LaCharite vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
10:00 AM 19-003137 Angelo Vozza vs. Township Of Elmwood
10:30 AM 19-004034 Roger G Gilroy vs. City Of Frankfort
11:00 AM 19-004036 Charles W Olsen vs. City Of Frankfort
11:30 AM 19-004062 Michael L Buhrt vs. City Of Frankfort
01:00 PM    
01:30 PM 19-003992 Terence Hepner vs. Township Of Inland
02:00 PM 19-003997 Joseph Cullimore vs. Township Of Colfax
02:30 PM 19-004014 Constance J Stewart vs. Township Of Benzonia
03:00 PM    
03:30 PM 19-003930 Barbara A Gentry vs. County Of Leelanau
04:00 PM 19-004041 Cherie M Gabriel vs. County Of Leelanau
04:30 PM 19-003662 Scott A Amdamczak vs. Township Of Manistee