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SC- Telephonic Hearings

09:00 AM 19-001822 Kinsman Redeemer Ministries vs. City of Detroit
09:30 AM 19-002846 Temple of God C.O.G.I.C of Greater Detroit vs. City of Detroit
10:00 AM 20-000306 Lorah George Farhat vs. City Of Westland
10:30 AM 20-000346 David Allan Walz vs. City Of Plymouth
11:00 AM 20-000457 Mary Karoutsos vs. City Of Grosse Pte. Woods
11:30 AM 19-004038 Happy K Harper vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
01:00 PM 20-000120 Beverly Hopkins vs. City of Detroit
01:30 PM 20-000178 Tamika J Reed vs. City of Detroit
02:00 PM 20-000184 Veda Darcell Thompkins vs. City of Detroit
02:30 PM 20-000186 Rocehelle McQueen vs. City of Detroit
03:00 PM 20-000116 Faleeha Mhawes vs. City Of Dearborn
03:30 PM 20-000345 Sammy El-Saleh vs. City Of Dearborn
04:00 PM    
04:30 PM 20-000449 Fatme Nemer vs. City Of Dearborn