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SC- Telephonic Hearings

09:00 AM 20-000046 Karen and Peter H. Ellsworth vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
10:00 AM 20-000588 Community Support Distribution Inc vs. Township Of Haynes
10:30 AM 20-000354 Brian Christopher Tocco vs. Township Of Garfield
11:00 AM 20-000411 Shawn I Matheny vs. Township Of Garfield
11:30 AM 20-000431 Jeanette S Woods vs. Township Of Homestead
01:00 PM 20-000886 Andrew R Smith vs. Township Of Jefferson
01:30 PM 20-000204 Ricky L Horton vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
02:00 PM 20-000651 Mark l Brandli vs. Township Of Hope
02:30 PM 20-000846 Nancy A Conroy vs. Township Of Prairieville
03:00 PM 20-000581 Justin & Megan Parks vs. Township Of Porter
03:30 PM    
04:00 PM 20-000684 Yance M Macneill vs. Township Of Millen
04:30 PM