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SC- Telephonic Hearings

09:00 AM 19-000438- REHEARING Mary Bess Davis vs. City Of Coldwater- Steve will conduct
09:30 AM 20-001510 Suneil Singh vs. City of Detroit
10:00 AM    
10:30 AM    
11:00 AM 20-002457 ABRS Properties LLC vs. City of Detroit
11:30 AM    
01:00 PM 20-000841 Dragoon Limited Liability Company vs. City of Detroit
01:30 PM 20-002279 Brittany M Krejci vs. City Of Garden City
02:00 PM 20-001610 Stefania Gabriella Morreale vs. City Of Grosse Pte. Shores
02:30 PM 20-002265 Erin C Walton-Doyle vs. City Of Grosse Pte. Park
03:00 PM 20-002809 Suzanne Jabbar vs. City Of Dearborn
03:30 PM